Gardens in Tasmania

The rich fertile soil, clean air and temperate climate of Tasmania ensures the state's famous gardens are able to be enjoyed at any time of year. Whether you're a green thumb or a flora aficionado you will be overwhelmed by the choice and beauty of Tassie's gardens, both natural and man-made.

Tasmania has some of the rarest plants in the world, and they continue to survive throughout the national parks and forest reserves that first grew millions of years ago. Tassie's gardens are a bouquet of blooms, a veritable banquet of buds, with whole estates dedicated to roses and an artist's palette of tulips splashed across the landscape.

There are even gardens bordered with giant oaks and elms that originated almost 200 years earlier in addition to gardens that showcase flora unique to Tasmania's distinctive climactic conditions and valleys pulsing with the therapeutic scent and captivating hue of lavender.

Two of the most notable gardens to visit include the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens which is located in Hobart and Woolmers Estate National Rose Garden, part of Tasmania's World Heritage Convict Sites. This is a striking representation of the historical progression of the rose in the southern hemisphere, offering visitors over 5000 roses to explore.

Many private gardens open regularly and welcome visitors with guided tours, while state tours of the national parks and reserves with their masses of wildflowers are also frequently run. Visitors can also receive personal advice from garden experts, while staying in cottages surrounded by these stunning gardens.

Whether you have just a weekend to spare or are planning a longer tour of this lush state, Tasmania's gardens and wild national parks are sure to impress. Thanks to the local communities unparalleled appreciation for the natural landscape, this beautiful island has long been nurtured and protected so that we can enjoy its abundance today.

Hobart Mansion Garden Gardens in Tasmania