Walking Attractions in Tasmania

Tasmania is regarded as one of the world's best walking destinations. Boasting hundreds of walking tracks through a variety of landscapes, most are easily reached from nearby cities and towns. The mountains, beaches, coastline, rainforests, rivers and lakes all offer great walking experiences. Many resources have also been contributed to building superb facilities for walkers - including sustainable campsites, toilets, shelters, visitor centres and well-maintained tracks. What's more, because of the number of tracks, rarely will you find yourself frustrated with the crowds.

There are walks of two hours, four hours, whole day walks and multi-day walks to choose from. Take it at your own pace or join a guided walk where you'll be accompanied by an expert ranger who can point out the flora and fauna and offer exceptional insight into the local ecosystem. Of course, there are short walks throughout the state - even half an hour can take you through a rainforest to a spectacular waterfall. All walks are marked with a track map and an approximate time it should take.

No matter how long or short the walk, there are a few things all walkers should keep in mind:

  • Walking solo on remote tracks can be risky. A group of three people is probably the ideal number. If something happens to one person, someone can stay with him or her while the other goes for help.
  • All Tasmanian Walks have excellent navigation maps but on extended wilderness trips, take a compass as well as a map and telephone/radio.
  • Weather can change quickly and dramatically, especially in alpine areas. Cold fronts can arrive and pass quickly and the sun is often deceptive - take a hat and plenty of sunscreen, no matter how cold it may be.
  • A first aid kit may come in handy and a good waterproof jacket with a hood is important to remember.
  • There may be a fee for walking in the national parks, with all money raised going back into maintenance of the park. These rates will depend on where you choose to walk.
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